Established in 2002 and based in the UK, On Board Defence (OBD) Ltd. design, develop and distribute security products for the automotive aftermarket sector.

Our wealth of experience, allied to a dynamic approach to business, has won the trust of multiple vehicle manufacturers along with many large fleet operators and countless trade and retail clients, all of whom benefit from the innovative solutions we provide both in the UK, and abroad. We are supporters and members of various associations within the industry and are an ISO certified company.

Best known for pioneering the protection of vehicle catalytic converters under our CATLOC® brand, our portfolio includes a variety of security products, all designed to address specific threats to modern vehicle operators. Initially focusing on the light commercial vehicle sector, we have more recently progressed into other sectors, including cars and heavy commercial.

We remain the supplier of choice to our clients and demonstrate our commitment to the progression of the industry and the standards that are set by continually investing into:

Research & Development

It is essential that we understand existing, and identify any potential new threats, in order to produce market leading solutions offering superior protection against the advanced modern day criminal.

Streamlining Manufacturing

We continually monitor operating processes, endeavouring where viable, to streamline manufacturing, reduce costs and lead times, whilst maintaining the highest standards of quality and service.

Workforce Welfare

We continually invest in our team to encourage a dynamic, creative & productive work environment. This is key to our superior levels of performance and service, and the continued success of the company.

Company Infrastructure

We ensure all of our operating systems and equipment are current and compliant. As an ISO certified company we invest heavily in quality and a procedure driven focus.

Environmental Responsibility

As a responsible company we actively look to reduce our environment footprint at every opportunity without compromising quality and service.