OBD is an industry leader in supplying innovative solutions to address potential or existing threats facing vehicle owners and operators in the UK and abroad.

Our proactive development process constantly monitors the industry and if a threat is identified, our design team get to work on creating a criteria that any solution must meet in order to ensure it is commercially viable, scalable and offer long term protection to our clients. With this in mind, all options are reviewed until this criteria is met and a solution identified.

During this process discussions will normally take place with our clients to determine the interest and to ensure that where possible, the clients requirement is included. In some cases we are able to offer solutions on an exclusive basis.

Occasionally we will take select products directly to market but predominantly our solutions are sold through Main Dealerships, directly to their customers under their own brand names.

Our experienced and proven supply process offer various delivery and scheduling of supply. These include:

Central Supply

Direct shipment into central stock distribution centre. Client utilises existing distribution channels to their Dealership network.

Direct Import/Export

For port fitment we establish and schedule deliveries into the import/export centre to match vehicle demand and scheduling.

Direct to Dealership

Dealerships can order directly on required platform. Stock delivered direct to Dealer and billed centrally, reducing stock holding for client.

Direct to Customer

Using our chosen carrier, we can offer a professional, timed delivery service directly to the end user.

OBD continue to meet and exceed both client expectation, industry standards and offer a professional first class service across all areas of the business.

For further information about our business please do not hesitate to contact us.